Looking for some good Christian musical entertainment on a Sunday night? WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED! Once a month, Connection Church opens its Cafe from 6:00-8:00 p.m., where you'll find loving fellowship and GREAT ENTERTAINMENT from local and national Christian performers. We book everything from Traditional Christian praise music, to Bluegrass and Gospel groups, to Contemporary Christian music. We hope you'll come and partake of our cafe's delicious (and FREE) refreshments, while finding refreshment for your soul, as well! The slideshow gives you just a glimpse of our Cafe's past musical groups. Click on the main photo to begin the slideshow of past performers and keep your eye on our calendar for upcoming performances. 

Program Coordinator: Kathy Porter - Kathy.ConnectionCafe@yahoo.com


August 18th: The Dove, a Southern Gospel Quartet

September 15th: The O'Day Family, Contemporary Praise in song and dance




Connection Cafe Accomplishments and Benefits

Praising the Lord for every opportunity to share His Love
  • From the very beginning, we were able to pray with those seeking a relationship with Jesus.
  • For attendees who were dealing with physical issues, there were awesome times of prayer.
  • We raised funds for Delmarva Christian High School, for Love INC and for Mt. Zion Memorial Church's roof replacement.
  • Spiritual connections & bonds were established among the people of God who were previously strangers.
  • We were able to fellowship with several different Christian denominations and independent churches.
  • We made available a platform for young people to develop their ministry and proceed to deliver the Word of God to an appreciative public.
  • We made available a platform for young people (including our own Connection Church youth, local performers and the Delmarva Christian High School Worship Band) to use their musical gifts & gain confidence by playing in front of a friendly audience.
  • We made available a place where "un-churched" family & friends could come for a relaxing night of music & refreshments, as the seeds of the Gospel were planted.
  • Were able to give financial support to Voice of the Martyrs, Teen Challenge, and help finance a Gospel music program to be broadcast through a secular radio station.
  • Relationships with, and greater understanding of, other ministries were developed.
  • We provided a venue for Christian musicians to perform and hone their skills.
  • Finally, the Connection Cafe is a great avenue for our church family to simply enjoy a casual night out in an uplifting atmosphere of fellowship and communion with God.